Yoga & Wellness Retreat Venue - Hacienda Del Secreto

We all need a place to land. A place to consciously breathe. A soft space where we can take the time to bring balance to our lives, to notice the subtleties of our bodies, minds, and spirits. A landing that provides us the time to appreciate the beauty of what lies within us and the spectacular nature of everything around us.

For many of us, we have such landing spaces in our home environments. But, sometimes we we need a true retreat. A chance to come upon an open landing, with little reminisces of our every day lives, where we can rejuvenate every inch of our entirety through the innate power of yoga, a practice that brings wealth to our entire being.

And this is what The Butterfly Landing is all about. The Butterfly Landing Yoga and Wellness Studio was built to provide a landing space for every practitioner, from advanced yogis to complete beginners. Yoga is infinite, and we are all on different levels, which is exactly why we aim to bring multi-level classes and retreats to life, offering a variety of options in every pose. We believe whole heartedly in holistic living, yoga and the wealth in being with nature. The Butterfly Landing is located on the grounds of Hacienda del Secreto, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera on the gorgeous beach of Playa del Secreto. Our studio was completed on October 6th, 2016. I, Allison Janssen (The Yellow Butterfly) organize my own retreats out of the space and offer teachers from around the world, the opportunity to do the same.

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